Reference Letter Assessment

Reference Letter Assessment

This section is only applicable for certifications that include a Reference Letter Assessment component; such as the Canadian Certified Food Production Supervisor (CCFPS) certification.

The Reference Letter Assessment is a method of Performance Evaluation that our certifications leverage to verify the candidate’s level of performance.

The Reference Letter Assessment checklist is for FPSC to complete as evidence that the certification requirement has been verified. This checklist must be completed by FPSC and uploaded to the Candidate’s certification folder as part of the certification program’s evidence. *

Candidates are required to submit a recent Reference Letter for FPSC’s evaluation with the following requirements:

Reference letter to be provided from either:

• Manager/owner of candidate’s current organization from the past 2 years

If currently not employed, previous direct manager/owner within the past 3 years from certification application date.

Reference letter Criteria:

• Reference’s name and contact information

• Reference’s current position and employer

• Reference’s employer’s name and contact information

• How long reference has known candidate in work environment (present or past) a minimum of 6 months

• Two detailed descriptions of situations where the reference has witnessed the candidate using at least three (3) of the following skill sets: *

- Employee management, e.g. resolving issues,

- Communication skills

- Problem solving

- Time management/deadlines

- Collaboration/teamwork


• The situational descriptions should be situations set in/related to a food processing context

• The situations should describe how well the candidate managed each situation, with a positive outcome.

• The situations should be able to be referenced to any of the competencies in the certification’s relevant National Occupational Standards; in terms of the situational context and in how the candidate managed the situation.

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