Performance Assessment

This section is only applicable for certifications that include a Performance Assessment component; such as the Canadian Certified Industrial Meat Cutter (CCIMC) – Level 1 certification.

The Performance Assessment will be conducted by trained in-house evaluators using smartphone, tablet or digital camera, (e.g. Go Pro) technology to record candidates carrying out the tasks and a digital interface to upload the videos, and complete the checklists, enter observations and auto-fill the performance summary score.

Candidates must achieve the passing score for each section of the performance evaluation for the applicable certification. Applicants successful in the Knowledge Exam will receive instructions from their In-House Evaluator and FPSC regarding the next steps for the Performance Assessment.

What Does it Take for me to Become an In-House Evaluator?

Individuals who wish to become Performance Evaluators for any certification must meet the following criteria:

• Working within the facility, may be the direct supervisor or co-worker of the candidates;

• Must have completed the online knowledge exam portion of the certification they would like to become an evaluator for;

• Must have taken the Evaluator Webinar/Course with FPSC.

• Any other applicable conditions as stated in the certification handbook.