Test Policies

FPSC has several testing policies that you’ll need to sign prior to taking your certification exam. Make sure to read through all the policies beforehand.


Statement of Accountability, Ethics, Confidentiality, and Video/Image Release Form

To protect the candidate, FPSC and the exam content, and for the purpose of developing our programs, please complete, sign, and submit the Statement of Accountability, Ethics, Confidentiality & Video/Image Release Form. This form ensures the stated experience and contact information is correct. Additionally, it states that no exam content or information will be shared outside of the writing and registration process. It also provides us with the ability to utilize any images/videos arising out of this process for auditor review, developing certification tools, and to promote our certification. All candidates must complete, sign, and submit this form.

Download the Statement of Accountability, Ethics, Confidentiality & Video/Image Release Form


Professional Code of Ethics

Please review the Professional Code of Ethics. Recipients of this designation will uphold a high level of integrity in the food processing industry and must complete their duties in an ethical and responsible manner.

Download the Professional Code of Ethics


Appeals Policy and Form

Candidates who fail the exam have the right to register an appeal on the procedures used and the results of their examination. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Registrar within 60 days of receiving the exam results. The cost of an appeal is 50.00 CDN dollars.

Download the Appeals Policy and Form


Accommodation (Special Testing) Request Form

Candidates with a disability or additional needs may request special accommodations by completing and submitting this form. It is requested that candidates submit their special accommodations request as soon as possible; at latest, a minimum of five (5) business days before your scheduled exam. Candidates that have submitted a request will be contacted by the Registrar’s office within a reasonable timeframe indicating a decision on your request. Special accommodation requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Special testing requests will be reviewed to determine if appropriate assistance is available. A special testing request will only be granted when there is reasonable assurance that the special accommodation will provide equal advantage to the candidate for writing the exam. Special testing measures must be reasonable while not compromising the validity and reliability of the assessment instruments.

Download the Accomodation (Special Testing) Request Form


Live Online Proctoring – Examinee Expectations:

• The Examinee’s desk must be clear of any papers, folders, books, cell phones, and electronic equipment. Any whiteboards or blackboards must be erased or covered.

• Any second monitors must be disabled and turned facing away from the Examinee.

• Any bluetooth enabled devices must be disabled.

• Any allowed items must be communicated in advance to the proctor, and the Examinee must display them during the room scan (Ex: Notes, calculators, graphing tools, notes, formulas).

• The Examinee is not allowed to talk or receive assistance from other people during the exam.

• Prior to starting the exam, the Examinee must close out any open applications including web pages, mail, chat or IM programs.

• The Examinee must comply with all proctor instructions for the live online proctored exam.

If the proctor detects any aberrant behaviour (behaviour not in line with the code of ethics/integrity policies/Live Online Proctoring Expectations), the proctor will suspend the exam and refer the Student or Examinee back to FPSC. If a candidate FAILS the exam, they will receive information on the costs and steps associated with re-writing the exam. Candidates must wait 30 days before they are eligible to re-write the exam. Refunds will not be provided to candidates who fail the CCIMC Level 1 exam. Candidates who fail more than three times will have their files closed and must wait a minimum of one (1) year before applying and attempting the exam again.

FPSC, through its Certification Governance Committee, reserves the right to cancel or withhold any exam scores. The governance committee may cancel or invalidate any candidate’s score if, upon investigation, violation of policies are established or if doubts arise from the proctor of suspected misconduct or cheating by a candidate. Candidates who are caught cheating or stealing exam content will receive an automatic fail on their assessment (examination or performance assessment) and will not be allowed to re-write for a minimum of 2 years. It is expected that candidates are cooperative with any investigation to determine if the score is valid.