Manager’s Checklist Assessment

Manager’s Checklist Assessment

This section is only applicable for certifications that include a Manager’s Checklist Assessment component, such as the Canadian Certified Food Production Supervisor (CCFPS) certification.

The Manager’s Checklist Assessment is a method of Performance Evaluation that our certifications leverage to verify the candidate’s level of performance that utilizes an online checklist form that is to be completed by a certification-candidate’s assigned manager:

Manager Checklist Assessment to be submitted from:

• If employed - either:

• Completed by direct manager for the past 6 months.

• Previous direct manager for last 6 months.

• If unemployed, past direct manager within the past 3 years

The checklist contains a list of performance criteria based on the certification’s relevant National Occupational Standards that the manager will have to vet the candidate against:

Manager’s Checklist Assessment Criteria

• Food Production Management

• Food Safety Management System

• Quality Management

• Sanitation

• Waste Management

• Health and Safety

• Record Management

• Leadership

• Communication

The candidate must meet a minimum of one of the bulleted criteria for each competency item listed for grading.

Each competency item is required to have a comment.

• Comments can be positive or negative, for example highlighting something the candidate does well or where the candidate needs to improve.

The Manager’s Checklist Assessment checklist is for the assigned manager to complete as evidence that the certification requirement has been verified

Candidates will successfully pass if the manager grades the candidate with a passing score as per the certification’s guidelines & requirements.

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