Work Experience Portfolio

Work Experience Portfolio Form

Candidates will be required to fill out a record of information on relevant experience including employment history, professional voluntary activities, and completed education and training.

Note: To meet the work experience requirements, candidates must demonstrate a designated range (in years) of relevant work experience within a specific period of time (E.g: past 5 years).

Work experience can be in the food processing field, in a related profession, or in a similar role in which they can demonstrate relevant experience.

Candidates must demonstrate that their experience was acquired by:

• Work Experience - Minimum 70% of the experience total must come from paid work experience.

All work experience may come from paid employment; however, candidates may also demonstrate additional experience in the following areas, up to the indicated maximum contribution of their total.

• Volunteer Experience - Maximum 10%

• Formal Education / Academic Studies – Maximum 10%

• Other Credentials and Training - Maximum 10%

• Research – Maximum 5%

This includes any experience gained from paid employment, volunteer experience (including co-op, intern or other unpaid work terms), formal education or other training, and should reflect the scope of practice as outlined in the Core Competency Profile.

1. Complete, sign and submit form to the Registrar via FoodCert:

a. Accepted methods of submission: Only accepting electronic submissions of this form via FoodCert.

b. Labelling the Work Experience Portfolio: To ensure that all applications are received and processed without error, the submission of the Work Experience Portfolio file must be properly labelled. Use the name of the document, followed by your full name. Example: “Work Experience Portfolio John Smith”

c. Where to submit: Submit to the Registrar’s Office for review via the FoodCert application form accessible here.

2. FPSC Registrar will verify submission:

a. Determine if sufficient information is provided by candidate

b. Determine if minimum work experience is achieved. This may involve verifying information for authenticity. The Registrar may contact you for additional information or clarity.

3. Candidate will receive notification of result: approved, declined, or incomplete.